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F. Internet, WI-Fi and Security Solutions

These days, a good internet connection and a wireless device can give you access to all kinds of entertainment and online tools – games, movies, social media, books, email and more. But without a good wireless internet plan, you’ll struggle to make the most out of your electronic toys.

FVT IT and Computer Repair Services Gold Coast can help you get online quicker and easier than ever before. We can help you choose a suitable internet plan and set up and secure your WiFi at home. There are a number ways you can set up your internet and WiFi and its important to make everything secure. Computer security professionals refer to these steps as ‘hardening’ measures and they do just that – they make your software, your devices, your network and the connections between them harder to access and more resilient to attack. Noone wants some stranger breaking into their WiFi and spying on them or worse stealing financial information. These days it's very important to secure your internet and WiFi properly.

FVT IT and Computer Repair Services Gold Coast can take care of everything for you giving you peace of mind so you can be safe and secure.

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