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M. Remote IT Support

FVT IT and Computer Repair Services can provide instant, secure, and trouble-free connections between remote computers anywhere in the world. Remote and phone support is available only to existing clients due to our privacy policy. We can set up your computer so that we can view and control your desktop remotely and repair anything that needs repairing. As long as you have an internet connection we can repair most things without even having to come out to you. Businesses prefer this method as it saves them time and money. No more waiting for that IT Computer Repair technician to show up. We are just a call away when you need us.
As FVT IT and Computer Repair Services values client privacy, all data and information will always be kept under strict security. We don't give or share clients information with anyone. Remote support will be available only with a client's permission and only when a client requests it. Due to our privacy policy, our technician will have to make an onsite call to set up a secure connection to your office or your computer, so if and when you request remote service we can be sure that it is done securely and correctly. This will enable us to better monitor and control who accessed your computer and when.

Phone Support
Phone support is also only available to existing clients. Our techs will try to help you over the phone if a problem is simple and easy to fix. Most of the time you will not even get charged for it, as we value customer service over money making. We believe that a good service and a professional approach will lead in future business, so we always try to deliver the best service we can. In order to get phone support, our clients need to sign an agreement in order for our techs to process payments, so we can not give phone support to anyone but existing clients.

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