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L. Teaching and Computer Training Gold Coast

FVT IT and Computer Repair Services Gold Coast can help you understand the world of computers better. Why not learn with Professionals and have Personalised Computer Training tailored just for you.
Imagine having your very own computer technician who is people savvy, and who’d take the time to bring you all their wisdom and knowledge and experience in a one on one lesson at your place. Who will teach you what you want to know and not what's on the teaching criteria for today.

  • Using your computer (learning about your computer and it’s operating systems)
  • Software, apps and programs that you can use on your computer and home devices
  • How to connect your devices
  • Learn what you want to learn, when you want to learn.
  • Social media training, and
  • General computer skill training, ranging from basic to more advanced.

Some seniors are initially intimidated and frustrated by computers. Although some retirement communities offer computer facilities, technical support may be fragmented or nonexistent. At-home personalised services are a better way for seniors to learn computer skills and become Computer and Internet-savvy. FVT IT and Computer Repair Services will helps you purchase your computers and peripherals, installs the equipment, and then teaches you how to use it.

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